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DUE EMME design and manufacture automation installations  and systems plants as follows:

  • Top brand automation panels with top brand PLC.     Production of process controls using DCS systems, redundant systems, Level 2 exchange of data with the business’s IT system
  • Industrial monitor panels with PCs or operating panels with SCADA systems  
  • Panels with operating features for the control of AC and DC engines
  • Power and control panels, Power Centre (PC) and Motor Control Centre(MCC) with fixed or extractable  cubicles
  • Panels for the transmission of data by way of switch, router, modem, wireless system and industrial radio remote control.  Fibre optic systems.
  • Automated systems for the handling of billets, blooms, glass and paper
  • Automation of heating ovens, zincing lines, painting systems and continuous casting
  • Automation of bridge cranes, slides, shot blasting machines, sand blasting machines, cylindrical grinders
  • Automation of ladle heating, ovens and zincing baths
  • Systems for the production, protection and distribution of energy
  • Revamping of MT and LT  distribution  for the plant and for hydroelectrical, thermoelectrical and geothermoelectrical power plants
  • Automated systems for the production and transportation of polyethylene in granules
  • Systems for the storage and transportation of raw materials: stackers, trippers and reclaimers
  • Automation of transport belt lines
  • Automation and protection panels for turbines and generators, panels for the command, control and measurement of intake works, panels for the triggering of synchronous generators
  • Instrument panels for the measurement and control of boilers
  • Fire-prevention systems for boilers
  • Electrical systems for large-scale shopping malls, holiday resorts, hotels and commercial buildings
  • Fire prevention and intruder alarm systems
  • Entrance control and video surveillance systems
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